BRIMAX 350 brine preparation –
standardized brine, highest hygiene

BRIMAX technology enables the production of all conventional brines in standardized quality and under the highest hygiene requirements. Suitable for the production of up to 2800 liters of brine per shift. All brines used in the injection, massaging and/or tumbling process can be reliably produced with the BRIMAX 350 brine preparation.

The BRIMAX mixer

Fast and uniform mixing of solid and liquid brine components is ensured by pumping the brine by means of a rotary pump and the impellers used there. The optionally available hopper facilitates the addition of the components and the integrated Venturi system enables lump-free addition of the dry substances.

Schröder brine preparationn

BRIMAX 350 brine preparation

Options BRIMAX 350

  • Additional hopper – simplifies filling
  • Venturi nozzle – prevents clumping of dry materials

Technical data

Tank volume 350 liters
Machine width approx. 1140 mm
Machine depth approx. 960 mm (with hopper approx. 1480 mm)
Machine height approx. 1340 mm (with lid open approx. 2110 mm)
Air pressure supply No connection necessary
Brine outlet Hose nozzle DN40
Cleaning connection (option) G 3/4
Weight 130 kg (with hopper approx. 215 kg)
Electrical connection 3Ph/N/PE; 400/440V; 50/60 Hz
SCHROEDER_brine_preparation_BRIMAX350_with hopper and Venturi nozzle

BRIMAX 350 with hopper and Venturi nozzle

Schröder Brimax 350 Level indicator and vortex breaker to optimize mixing results

Level indicator and vortex breaker to optimize mixing results

SCHROEDER_BRIMAX_350_High quality workmanship and hygienic design

High quality workmanship and hygienic design