HVB and hybrid function

HVB stands for High Viscose Brine – the injection of highly viscous or highly functional brines. Schröder offers the right equipment to process any type of brine – whether highly saturated with additives or highly viscous brines enriched with trimmings or additives.

All IMAX injectors can either be configured as a full HVB injector or as a hybrid injector for multiple brine types, making possible both simple clear brines and functional and viscous brine to be injected using one machine.

The areas of application:

  • Injection of fat-containing brines to achieve a marbling effect on beef products – improvement of the taste, also with all other kinds of meat

  • Injection of highly saturated brines, such as injection for beef jerky products (over 50% dry ingredient content)

  • Meat-in-Meat injection – the use of trimmings in brine as functional meat proteins to reduce or replace phosphates and other additives and to increase yield, juiciness, bite and taste

  • Many more applications possible

IMAX 620 Hybrid with FT 200 and HVB 1000 brine tank. Highly flexible system configurable for a wide range of special applications.