The specially developed IMAX 430, 630 and 930 injectors offer a wide range of applications for marinating poultry:

  • Whole and half chickens, plus different pieces (thighs, legs, breasts and wings)
  • Integration in all common cut-up lines
  • Adaptation to cut-up line capacity
  • Integration in existing production processes

1. Brine preparation

In addition to consistent product quality, the BRIMAX brine preparation system offers operator guidance during brine creation, weight checks during batching, uniform cooling and mixing times and much more.

2. Injection

Injection is a common method for boned and boneless meat. The integration of Schröder IMAX injectors is possible in continuous processing lines, batching operation or as a flexible individual solution.

The IMAX 630 can be equipped with an additional hopper. For example, this allows two segmented chickens to be added to the injector as one unit on conveyor belts with separated cassettes.

3. Massaging

Schröder MAX massage units also offer key advantages when processing boneless products (e.g. breast fillets, chicken nuggets):

  • Short process times thanks to paddle technology
  • Uniform product batches thanks to special positioning of the paddles
  • Less space required due to high levels of system utilisation
  • Optimal reproducibility through recipe management, including network-compatible touch-screen control
  • Can be connected to the Schröder VISMAX production and data management system
  • Vacuum and coolant connection as standard on Schröder MAX massage units