PSM 650 – Curing press

Processing muscles with a hard structure needs special attention in the production of high-quality ham. The lack of flexibility makes the forming and filling process more difficult. When different muscles (silverside/topside) are mixed together, different cooking losses, diffusion and massage times occur.

In order to balance out the different muscle textures, the PSM 650 is used. The roller pairs break down the internal structures without destroying the surface.

By individually adjusting the pressure and rolling distance, the different products can be taken into account.

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The key quality improvements are:

  • Optimised forming
  • Uniform massaging processes
  • Faster massaging results
  • Improved slicing
  • Diffusion process in batches of mixed muscles is more quickly and evenly
  • Same muscle size in the cut/slice
  • Better absorption of the brine during massaging/tumbling

PSM 650

Technical data

Machine length approx. 2100 mm
Machine width approx. 1250 mm
Machine height approx. 1500 mm
Conveyor width approx. 600 mm
Compressed air min. 6 bar
Gap width 10 to 50 mm
Roller type (tooth roller) Depending on the product
Weight approx. 860 kg
Electrical connection 3Ph/PE; 400/440V; 50/60 Hz