Good reasons for marinating fish:

  • Enhancement of individual aromas
  • More tender product texture
  • Improved water retention
  • Longer shelf life
  • Improved boiling, smoking and frying characteristics
  • Uniform salt content
  • Increase in yields (e.g. for cut products)
  • Balancing of seasonal deviations in valuable product characteristics (e.g. fat content)

1. Brine preparation

In addition to consistent product quality, the BRIMAX brine preparation system offers operator guidance during brine creation, weight checks during batching, uniform cooling and mixing times and much more.

2. Injection

Fish and fish cuts with and without bones can be used for fish injection. The standard integration in all common processing lines allows optimal process sequences.

A close-fitting pricking pattern ensures excellent brine distribution, whilst the thin needles only leave behind minute injection holes.