MAX massaging technology

The procedural principle of the MAX massaging technology is based on knowledge from the MYAC decomposition theory, and has been implemented by means of horizontal mounting of a rotating paddle shaft in a fixed container. The massaging effect is achieved using the spirally-arranged paddles. These produce extremely effective movement of the meat mass, and transfer the massaging energy directly into the muscle (a horizontal and vertical material flow occurs inside the container due to the specific paddle position). This paddle technology, in combination with an extremely high degree of system filling and active jacket cooling, leads to very efficient and effect protein activation. Your benefits: demonstrably shorter process times and better yields.

  • Intensive protein activation, particularly in the individual muscle
  • Improved intra-muscular and extra-muscular slice cohesion
  • Low protein abrasion on the surface of the product (due to the active jacket cooling)
  • Increased water retention, tenderness and more stable structure in the end product
  • Highly efficient due to filling volumes of up to 85%