Successful meat curing is more complex than the simple addition of brine. Typical cured meat products include whole cuts, boned meat and cuts (with and without skin) and boneless meat. Apart from technological consultation, Schröder Maschinenbau also offers the following curing methods: Cooked and raw cured goods, fresh meat, fish and poultry are the main product groups for curing and marinating at Schröder.

The reproducibility of the end product forms the basis for product calculation. Schröder plays a large role in the establishment of this reproducibility.

1. Brine preparation

In addition to consistent product quality, the BRIMAX brine preparation system offers operator guidance during brine creation, weight checks during batching, uniform cooling and mixing times and much more.

2. Injection

Injection is a common method for boned and boneless meat. The integration of Schröder IMAX injectors is possible in continuous processing lines, batching operation or as a flexible individual solution.

Traditional curing methods (pickling) are seldom sufficient for distributing brine uniformly in meat cuts in industrial processing. Precise injection quantities with uniform brine distribution, continuous production and a hygienic design are just some of the customer advantages when using IMAX injection technology.

3. Mechanical preparation

The goals of the Schröder PREMAX system are the improvement of intramuscular and extramuscular slice cohesion, higher yields, tenderising effects and the adaptation of different meat cuts to subsequent production processes.

4. Massaging

Schröder MAX vacuum massage units are primarily intended for boneless meat cuts. MAX massage units are used with and without vacuums at a controlled temperature in both continuous processing and batching operation.