T-MAX 620 – Needle tenderizer

The different fibre structures within a muscle absorb the injected brine in different ways. Brine pockets and inhomogeneous brine distribution must be prevented for high quality requirements.

The Schröder TMAX needle tenderizer penetrates the entire muscle. Its blade-like sharpened tips cut through the fibres of the muscle and shorten them in the process. Replacing the injected brine during the fibre process is then possible, the distribution is optimized and the muscle is also perfectly prepared for absorbing the protein during massaging.

Depending on the product, the tenderizer can be equipped with single- or double-head and single- or double-blades.

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The quality improvement is clearly demonstrated by:

  • Faster diffusion of additives
  • Reducing pickle pockets
  • Homogeneous reddening
  • Increased tenderness
  • Shorter massaging and tumbling times

PSM 650

Technical data

Machine length approx. 2160 mm
Machine width approx. 1400 mm
Machine height approx. 2240  mm
Chanal width 620 mm
Walking beam hight approx. 1200 mm
Product infeed hight up to 210 mm
Number of needles Depends on the configuration – from 300 to 600
Advance 50/100 mm
Cycles per minute 15 – 60
Transported area 223 m2/h
Compressed air min. 6 bar
Weight approx. 1450 kg
Electrical connection 3Ph/PE; 400/440V; 50/60 Hz