MacMAX 500 – Roller tenderizer

For the production of high-quality cooked ham, massaging the muscles is an important part of the process. Protein is activated which ensures optimum bonding.

This process supports the Schröder macerator. The blade rollers cut the surface, enlarging it, and increasing the release of protein and improving the absorption of brine.

Large tendons, for poultry products as well, are also cut by the MacMAX, reducing muscle contraction during cooking and increasing binding.

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The result:

  • Improved bond between the parts
  • Increased yields
  • Reduced massaging time
  • Increased slice cohesion
  • Increased brine intake
  • Reduction of brine pockets

MacMAX 500

Technical data

Machine length(with infeed and outlet conveyor) approx. 3470 mm
Machine width approx. 1340 mm
Machine height approx. 1340 mm (without crane), approx. 2260 mm (with crane)
Height adjustment infeed conveyor 1045 mm – 1215 mm
Conveyor width approx. 500 mm
Number of blades per blade roller optionally 79 (1,5 mm) or 84 pieces (1 mm)
Compressed air min. 6 bar
Blade roller adjustment Depending on the product 0 bis 50 mm
Weight approx. 950 kg
Electrical connection 3Ph/PE; 400/440V; 50/60 Hz