IMAX ECOline 350 and 420 

The ECOline series now offers outstanding Schröder quality for small and medium-sized businesses at a favorable entry price and low operating costs in the basic version. These all-round injectors are suitable for a wide range of products. The proven and robust drive con-cept and the thoughtful hygienic design immediately reveals the typical Schröder injector. A choice of two manifold variants (number and density of needles), always equipped with a needle suspension block makes it suitable for bone-in and bone-less products. Optional available is an additional tenderizer head. Different filter concepts offering the choice be-tween functional simplicity and operating comfort.

With two performance classes, running up to 3 t and 4 t of fresh product per hour* of fish, meat and poultry products, one will always find the right machine for its production.

*Calculated assuming approx. 40 kg/m²

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Brine tank FT 130

The FT 130 brine tank is available as an option. It supplies the IMAX ECOline injectors with up to 130 l of brine. Coarse particles are effectively filtered out using an external rotary fil-ter with a scraper. Brine intake is performed by the stationary suction filter, which can be quickly removed for cleaning purposes using the patented quick-release system. The tank guarantees a high degree of utilization of the brine with a leftover quantity of residual brine of less than ten liters.

The cleaning position ensures fast and effective cleaning – there is a mounting to accom-modate all parts on the brine tank itself.

1. Controller/
Touch Panel

central operating controls for controlling pressure, speed and injection mode. Optional: Touch panel with available user and recipe management.

2. Injection and Tenderizer

with retraction block. For 1- and 2-way injection from 10% to over 90% injection rate. Multiple needle configurations always allow an optimum stitch pattern.

3. Brine Tubes

Brine-conducting parts outside the machine, special hygienic design of the tubes by pressing.

4. Hygienic Design

Good accessibility of all parts for easy cleaning and inspection. Loosening only two screws allows easy opening of the manifold for quick an efficient cleaning.

5. Brine Biltration FT 130 (Option)

with suction filter and rotary drum filter. Standard: three-stage filtration with 1 mm and 2 mm filter plates plus an additional filter net and suction filter.


with full residual brine draining, separation from the brine basin possible without tools.

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IMAX ECOline – basic version

IMAX ECOline with brine tank UWF 250

Technical data

Support width 350 mm
Injection area per hour up to 75 m² (60 mm advance)
Capacity (at 35kg/m²) 3,000 kg
Cycles per minute 15 – 60
Advance 20 / 40 or 60 mm
Channel height 165/185 mm (option)
Number of needles 50 / 66 / 102
Steaker (option) 26 quattro needles
Pressure range 0,5 – 4,5 bar
Machine length approx. 1850 mm
Machine width approx. 950 mm
Machine height approx. 2030 mm
Loading height approx. 1100 mm
Electrical connection 3 Ph/PE; 400/440 V; 50/60 Hz or 3 Ph/PE; 220 V; 50/60 Hz
Support width 420 mm
Injection area per hour 105 m²
Capacity (at 35kg/m²) 4,200 kg
Cycles per minute 15 – 60
Advance 35/70
Channel height 185 mm
Number of needles 100 / 141
Steaker (option) 141 single knives
Pressure range 0,5 – 4,5 bar
Machine length approx. 2160mm
Machine width approx. 1250 mm/2190 mm with FT 130
Machine height approx. 2090 mm
Loading height approx. 1200 mm
Electrical connection 3 Ph/PE; 400/440 V; 50/60 Hz or 3 Ph/PE; 220 V; 50/60 Hz

Option: Brine tank FT 130

IMAX ECOline with brine tank FT 130